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Every home is unique, and so are everyone’s hot water heater needs. Regardless of your home size or hot water needs, an innovative RUUD tankless heater whole home system is ideal for providing low cost hot water whenever and wherever you need it. With today’s rising energy costs, a whole home tankless system by RUUD is a smart choice for a wealth of reasons. If your home is located in a high altitude region, only RUUD tankless water heaters offer unique technologies for efficient operation up to and above 9,000 feet. …

Since RUUD tankless water heater products only use energy to heat water as it is needed, no energy is wasted while there is no demand for hot water. In addition, our tankless products put you in complete control over your water temperature with a precise digital controller. A touch of your fingertip can adjust the maximum water temperature up or down to the perfect comfort level that’s just right for you. Moms love this feature because it prevents water from getting too hot for their children. These features plus many more add up to pleasant lifestyle and considerable savings on your energy bill….