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Invest in your comfort. Now invest in your peace of mind.

Ruud is proud of the quality that goes into each one of our products but as high as they are, issues do sometimes come up. With our Protection Plus® Extended Service agreement program, you can protect yourself from unexpected, unbudgeted repairs after the limited warranty expires—up to four years for water heaters and up to 10 years for heating & cooling equipment.

Why Should You Choose
Protection Plus®

    • Comprehensive coverage – Enjoy parts & labor coverage for mechanical and electrical failures.
    • One-call convenience – If your unit needs repairs, one phone call, and your participating Protection Plus® pro handles it all.
    • Transferability – You can transfer your agreement if you sell your home.
    • Trusted service – Expertise and service of a Ruud independent professional for the duration of your agreement.
    • Budget protection – You’re protected from the unexpected.



What does Protection Plus® cover?

Answer: Depending on which plan you select, Protection Plus® covers either the parts or the parts and labor required to repair mechanical or electrical failures of your equipment that occur during normal usage and that are due to defects in materials or workmanship.


What is not covered?

Answer: Any repairs due to damage or incorrect installation of equipment; non-electrical/mechanical items, required maintenance or any overtime charges for a covered mechanical repair. See terms and conditions for more detail.


Where can I buy a Protection Plus® Extended Service Agreement?

Answer: From a participating Ruud Dealer.


Why do I need Extended Service Protection?

Answer: Even the highest quality equipment may experience mechanical or electrical failures. At today’s rates, a minor repair could cost more than the price of an entire extended service agreement. Unexpected expenses can be a shock to any budget.


Do I have to buy a Protection Plus® Extended Service Agreement at the same time I buy my equipment?

Answer: No, you can purchase Protection Plus® anytime within 23 months of the installation of your equipment, in most cases.


Are there any coverage limits?

Answer: There is no limit to the number of claims however; the limit of liability is reached when the repairs/replacement equal the replacement cost of like and kind equipment during the term of the agreement.


Can I transfer this agreement if I sell my home?

Answer: Yes, for a minimal charge of $25 within 30 days of the closing the sale of your home.


Who is eligible to apply?

Answer: You are eligible to apply as long as you have purchased and had installed your HVAC equipment from a Protection Plus® contractor within 12 months.