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                            EXTENDED SERVICE PLAN

With Protection Plus®, your customers

no longer have to worry about expenses

related to unexpected repairs.

And that’s just good business for you.

Protection Plus Plans Feature

  • Availability up to 10 years
  • Option of a deductible for homeowners or a non-deductible plan
  • Options for residential and commercial units
  • 100% parts and/or labor coverage
  • Fully transferable ownership
  • Dealer-friendly website for plan purchases and claim submission and tracking

Ruud Protection Plus currently managed by Service Net, a subsidiary of AIG, a leading provider of extended service plan administration and services, provides additional protection.

Service Net, owned by AIG is the underwriter for Protection Plus. This relationship guarantees that you provide customers with a full-service, world-class solution for their long-term HVAC needs.

Benefits for Your Business

Offering Protection Plus to your customers is a great way to gain repeat business, increase profits, and develop lasting client relationships.

  • Customer Retention – Because Protection Plus requires annual maintenance on covered equipment, you’ll have the opportunity to build ongoing relationships with customers. They will rely on you for quality customer service, the single source for all their HVAC needs.
  • Customer Satisfaction – Since they no longer have to worry about costly repairs, your customers will view you as a solution provider. When service calls are required, provide extra value by vacuuming any mess, wearing booties or changing smoke or carbon monoxide detector batteries. With these added benefits, you’ll see customer satisfaction and loyalty increase, building equity in your company brand.
  • Guaranteed Business – Schedule annual maintenance calls with your customers during periods of low demand. Maintenance calls will help you maintain steady business throughout the year. You’ll also save money on business development, as required Protection Plus maintenance contracts will alleviate the need to find new customers through expensive advertising.
  • Increased Revenue – By offering Protection Plus, you’ll gain a new source of revenue. You select the level of reimbursement based on customized choices for a variety of repair solutions. Even better, you get to set the price for your customers!
  • Enhanced Business Tools – Protection Plus is supported by a dealer-friendly website that helps you buy agreements, file claims, track claim status and review claim history. The website is essentially a virtual filing system for all your extended service agreements, eliminating the need for costly and time-consuming record-keeping.